We craft software, platforms and technology solutions for companies across the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.  We are backed by a group of experts with deep industry and technology expertise who can help with not only development but also launch and scaling.  

We have clients in over 15 countries including  Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland, UK and USA .

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AI and Machine Learning

Make informed decisions and get real-world benefits using smart AI and Machine Learning solutions

Our AI and Machine Learning solutions improve organizational productivity and operational efficiency by automating processing intelligently - reducing manual intervention.

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Key Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence development services

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP based algorithms will work with large set of structured data to extract insightful information. NLP can help in training chatbots and other AI based solutions.

Machine Learning

We develop ML models which increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize human intervention using a secure robust platform.

Data Mining

We mine data from around the web by leveraging our advanced data mining tools. With have proven excellence in delivering comprehensive web data mining for your analysis team.

AI Driven IoT

Using AI, we have developed smart IoT solutions which provide meaningful insights in data.

Predictive Analytics

Using web scraping and machine learning - we use structured data sets to predict values - for example pricing of automobiles using make, model, trim and condition.

AI based Chatbots

Our AI based chatbots use NLP and Machine Learning algorithms to provide full automated and seamless customer service.


Increase your business productivity with our
AI and machine learning solutions

Benefits of using MI and AI solutions

Better decision-making
Improved Efficiency
Data Prediction
Improved customer segmentation
Reduced Manpower
Increased ROI


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