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Data Scraping

Managed and reliable data extraction services

Drive your business forward with clean and quality assured web data extracted with our custom built scrapers.

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How our data scraping can help your business

Automated Data Scraping

Our scheduled jobs scrape the data at a defined date and time interval and automatically update the data store.

Export Data to Multiple Formats

The scraped structured data can be exported to Excel, CSV or JSON format.

Price Prediction

Using the scraped datasets and Machine Learning algorithms, our solution can determine the pricing of items such as automobiles and properties with provide parameters.

Lead Generation

Build your sales easily with the leads obtained from the scraped datasets. Our tool can even automate email and SMS sending to customers.

Competitive Analysis

With data scraping, you can get insights into market data by analyzing competitors content and pricing dynamics.

Market Research

Using structured and real-time scraped data from multiple sources - our AI-based system can provide deeps insights into the market trends. Our system can generate a comprehensive report based on the market insights.

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How our data scraping solutions are used in various industries


We have helped a large number of leading automotive business in getting vehicle data ; including price valuation, VIN number, location, and more for marketing research and strategic decision making.

Real Estate

Our scrapers can easily crawl and extract structured data from real estate listing sites automatically - giving your complete insights into the property pricing trends and your competitor offerings.


Get complete insights of product pricing and sentiment analysis using our scraping solutions. Competitors data can give you better understanding of how you can leverage your own sales.

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