We craft software, platforms and technology solutions for companies across the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.  We are backed by a group of experts with deep industry and technology expertise who can help with not only development but also launch and scaling.  

We have clients in over 15 countries including  Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland, UK and USA .

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Providing Tailored, Integrated IT Solutions for Construction and Real-Estate Industries

We provide tailored-made solutions for engineering and construction companies for work-safety, recruitment and work-force management.


Our Solutions for Construction Industry

Workforce Recruitment and Management

We develop solutions for recruiting agencies looking to automate recruitment processes, meet compliance requirements and place more workers – on a temporary, contract or permanent basis.

Worker Safety

Our solutions help prevent accidents on construction site – keeping employees safe and fit for work, and making your workforce more productive.

Employee Training

We have helped our clients increase productivity and skills of thier workforce through digital training and learning management system for workers within and beyond the construction industry.

Data and Analytics

We have built data collection and analysis solutions and platforms for clients within the construction industry to analyze and enhance their processes, designs and operations.

Today, the construction industry faces many challenges: the shortage of workforce and gaps between demand and supply. Mashkraft provides solutions which streamline business processes, reducing error and improving worker safety. Our solutions include custom software development, cloud migration and legacy systems modernization.


Benefits to Customers

Efficient Daily Operations

Through the project management, digital documentation and real-time interactions apps built by Mashkraft, our clients have managed to achieve significant operational efficiencies, reduction in accidents and cost optimization across the board.

Better Client Services

Our CRM and client interaction platforms have helped our construction industry client improve their customer satisfaction and simplify the processes for servicing their clients.


We have helped our client digitize their processes and move them from paper, spreadsheets and on-premise implementation to scalable, secure, efficient and automated cloud based solutions.


Mobile App Development
Web Development
Custom Software Development
Big Data

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