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Free online powerful tools for UI/UX

User interface and user experience are parts of the web design concept. These work together by focusing on customer-centric design with an aesthetic interface. A beautiful website invites the customer in and makes them explore the website content. Ease of access and easy navigation makes a product website more exciting. Since UI/UX grew in importance, several companies cropped up with relevant design tools. Each tool features a similar yet different edge for a web designer.A web designer needs to learn and get expertise in these tools, which helps relate the product, application, or website to the users.

What are UI and UX services?

UI stands for the user interface. This is the design and development of a product, app, or website. UX stands for user experience. Developers build websites based on customer experience and ease. These services are kept in mind to increase customer satisfaction and customer base. Just the design and easy-to-navigate product provide an edge over competitors. This is the reason why UI/UX became so crucial for developers.

Market Size

UI/UX might go together, but both these services are separate. They both have their market size somewhere in the millions. According to McKinsey’s research, the market size for both has been forecasted to increase at a steady pace. A steady increase concludes that these UI/UX expertise and services will be needed increasingly. Even during the pandemic and lockdowns, the user interface and user experience services market remained unaffected. Recent industry reports show that all sized companies hire UI/UX teams and revamp themselves.

Impact of UI/UX Services

Most businesses question the importance of updating their UI/UX features. For a business, customer satisfaction and experience should take precedence. An excellent UI/UX increases the use by the customers. In case of any issues with the design or navigation, the business can lose out on its customers. This shrinks the customer base. There is a need for clean and crisp designs in today’s day and age. Everyone is rushing to get through tasks, so they have little time to surf and explore. They want clear indicators for site paths and products. UI/UX became relevant when mobile phone use increased. Initially, websites were created for desktops. Now, they are developed for desktops/laptops and mobiles. Companies with existing websites needed the expertise of UI/UX developers to optimize sites for mobile phones.

A lot of websites use flash. Once it became irrelevant, UI/UX developers were hired to rework websites dependent on flash. So, in the future, when there are technical changes, a change may be needed in the website designs. If the website has a good customer rating, the chances are that it will do well in Google ranking. This again generates more customer visits and clients. This helps in the verbal promotion of the website.
A website developed according to the UI/UX guidelines is based on the product’s unique selling point. So, customers understand what the main idea is being communicated easily. On the other hand, USP gives a competitive edge as well.

A prototype for a UI/UX design can be tested with real customers. According to the result, further changes can be made. This helps in identifying the target audience preferences. The attention span to grab a customer is ten seconds so that the prototype can test this. UI/UX provides consistency to the site. The customers will be able to the interface is consistent through any changes made.

Free UI/UX Online Tools

There are a lot of professional free online tools available in the market. Vendors have come up with a lot of tools to be used by UI/UX developers. Software companies are always looking for fresh and excellent developers. Some of these newer online tools are listed.

Five-Second Test

This tool tests the website’s first impressions of the customers. It provides feedback of what the user remembers from the product after five seconds. This tool provides a comparison of the product as well.


Axure is a wireframe tool. It helps make a basic outline of the website with prototype testing. In a few clicks, the basic demo of the site can be made and tested immediately.


Bootstrap is an advanced web design framework. It aids in developing functional websites. There is a directory for how to use the tool by industry experts available.

Streamline 3.0

This is a top-notch illustrator. It features a graphical user interface (GUI) elements library. It can be used for wireframing and mockup work.


This is a simulator for the colour blind. It can be used to test the website for such differently-abled users.


This is the best source for vector images for graphic designers. There is no worry of providing attributions which makes it great for any type of design.


Flaticon and Freepik share the same makers. Except this tool provides open-source, free vector icons.


This tool reduces the file size for better website load optimization. It has a Photoshop plugin and can create animated images.


Canva is a free designing tool even for non-professionals. This is usually used by students and professionals for small-scale work. It comes with pre-loaded templates for easy use also.

InVision Studio

InVision Studio is a cloud-based screen design tool. It makes flat designs into clickable prototypes for testing purposes. So, it is a design, prototyping, and animation tool all in one.

Adobe XD

It is a cloud-based design tool and a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud collection. It is known for wireframing, prototyping, and collaboration features. The images can be layers in 3D for animation work.

Offshoring for UI/UX Development

Offshoring can help overcome many of the challenges associated with UI/UX development websites. It is cost-effective and can be time-saving for businesses. Offshoring helps get access to large and concentrated pools of UI/UX professionals. The professionals might not be available in a client’s surrounding area or country. What is available might not be up to the standard of UI/UX developmental goals. Off-shore UI/UX developers can take care of all the needs of a client without the client having to worry about sourcing, managing, and retaining professionals.

As mentioned earlier, offshoring saves money. UI/UX teams are expensive if hired. Such teams are always available. It saves team building costs and hiring costs. An offshore team can work at flat rates, and with hourly wages can ensure 100% utilization. The client can then concentrate on essential business activities. The vendor is in charge of the administration of the offshore team. The client can focus on the in-house teams.
The flexibility of offshore teams is an important trait. You can hire a team of UI/UX developers according to requirements in a short time. If extra hands are needed, then the vendor will expand the team. The maintenance of the offshored team is low and they can reorganize around new needs quickly so that the business can make changes and keep profiting.

Mashkraft for UI/UX Development

Mashkraft is a software house with expertise in UI/UX development. We have extensive experience in providing developmental teams across the seven seas. Our offshore team can provide turnkey UI/UX solutions. We have successfully provided services to clients across Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Please reach out to us. Our experts will help you find the right UI/UX solution that fits your budget and needs. You can find out more details about our services and successes at www.mashkraft.com.