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Client Story

Marketplace for Leading Automotive Conglomerate

The client reached out to Mashkraft to develop a marketplace for an automotive company. They buy used cars from individuals and sell them through auctions. The marketplace was needed on web and mobile apps.

Key Highlights


The business model of the automotive company was based on buying used cars from sellers and auctioning them. The drawback of this was that the company had an extensive portfolio of cars but no opportunity to sell/auction the portfolio. The maintenance and storage of automobiles were becoming difficult.

The client decided to make an online marketplace where they can put the vehicles on display for the customers. They wanted it to be accessible for all so a web and mobile app was needed.


The client reached out to Mashkraft and met with the development team to explain their requirements. They wanted an architecture that could be scaled if they increased features and options later on.

Initially, the team did rapid prototyping for the website and mobile apps for feedback by the client. Minor adjustments and changes were made before the final project rollout.

A scalable, state-of-the-art marketplace was launched for the client using PHP programming language OpenCart Engine with MySQL database. The front end of the project used JQuery for the development. All of these were backed up to Amazon AWS cloud services.

The client was able to upload their whole inventory of vehicles shortly after release and customers were able to search the desired car using the make, model, year, trim, transmission and mileage. There is an online form that the individuals fill to sell their car to the client as well.

The client has another feature where they can exchange their car which is a unique selling point as no other platform does this service.


The marketplace garnered a lot of attention and became popular. A lot of buyers and sellers signed up for the marketplace which generated high traffic and high conversions. Since then, the website and apps have been called the best sites for buying/selling and exchanging for vehicles.


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