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Client Story

Workforce Management and Safety Training Platform

Mashkraft was approached by the Swiss clients for a digital solution to incorporate safety-led features for the construction industry in the country. The client wanted to reduce accidents that were preventable with proper safety training certifications. This platform was needed on the web for the hirer and agencies while the mobile applications were for the workers as well as the hirer and recruitment agencies.

Key Highlights


The client wanted a platform to place job postings for construction-related jobs and hire workers who had the proper training for posted jobs. The onboarding and debriefing would be very time-consuming for employers so the client wanted a platform that could streamline the whole process.

In the case of larger projects and more workers, there was no management system for monitoring the progress of the project or the worker. They needed a way to make sure that the worker was completing the task and how much time it would be taking.

The main aim of the client was to put safety first in the field of construction and to reduce incidents and injuries in this field by providing safety training and licenses to the workers. They wanted to give reading materials on safety through the platform too.


The development team at Mashkraft was approached by the client for a complete solution for their identified issues. The client requested a prototype of the platform which was developed for feedback. After the initial prototyping and feedback, a full-scale project was rolled out for Switzerland.

The workable mobile applications and web platforms were made available on the play store and apple store which were downloaded and workers and agencies/hirers registered themselves. The app required the workers to upload complete details of self and certifications/documents of training and job history. The application was used as a testing tool as well. The hirer can test the worker before hiring them for a job.

The app is a communication gateway as well. The hirer can send alerts and chat with the worker, in addition to monitoring the workers’ progress during the job. The hirer can use their app or the web platform. The web module gives extensive controls to the agency/hirer.

The unique feature of this platform is the use of QR codes for the verification of the worker. The worker will need to scan their QR code at the job spot to confirm that they have been assigned that task. Otherwise, they are not assigned that task without scanning the code.


The mobile applications and web portal have been well received and used by construction companies for the training, hiring, recruitment and placement of workers. It has made it easier for companies to reach out to agencies registered with the platform to remotely hire workers anywhere in the country and check their credentials and documents.


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