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Client Story

Social App for Fashionistas

The app provides social discussions for fashionistas for clothing and makeup. The feed provides the latest trends and topics regarding the fashion industry. Users can like and follow other people just like any other social app to get their opinion on the products. Aimed at local Russian marketing particularly female teenagers - Mashkraft developed this app which proved to be successful among young females to promote and sell beauty products.

Key Highlights


The Russian market had no proper platform or forums for beauty discussion, especially for promoting clothing lines and makeup. This idea encouraged the client to invest in an app targeted towards young females for just beauty discussions.

The client also felt that a feed with hotspots on clothing and makeup items directly linked to buying sites would be a unique selling point for the app. Often, during discussions products would be mentioned but members are hard-pressed in finding the right original products when they search for them or there would be a chance to find fake pages or fake product links.


The client approached the Mashkraft team to develop a cost-effective and easy-to-use application for this niche requirement. The team built a rapid prototype for the clients’ review and feedback using agile methodology before releasing the final product to the market.

The developer team used the Ionic framework to build the platform for Android and IOS for mobile phones. Laravel framework was used to build and design the backend web system and all of these were backed up in a cloud server.

The hotspot feature was added that appeared on the clothing or makeup which directly linked it to the item for buying. This feed is somewhat similar to Instagram.

Being an influencer and model herself, the client used her connections and had fellow influencers and models advertise the platform for traction.


The app was well received with over 10,000 installs on android alone and is very active with good reviews by young females. The app has generated high traffic daily with many conversions of audiences on both IOS and Android. Since then, it has become the go-to platform for buying beauty-related items for fashion-conscious females.

Since its launch, The Special App has entirely shifted its focus on selling makeup rather than clothing as it was originally doing. The features are still the same, there are hotspots on the pictures and you can consult experts on them.


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