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Client Story

Professional Freelance Recruitment Website

The website was launched to provide easy access to employers to find regional talent for specific types of work. The space provides professionals to find freelance work and register themselves with the website. The website is available for talent hunting in the Southeast Asian region. Mashkraft provided end-to-end service for this Indonesian client which has been a success since launching the website.

Key Highlights


The issue that the client faced was that it was hard finding local regional talent for taxation, digital marketing, human resource and market research. If there were recruitment sites available then there were no filtering methods to filter the talent which was time-saving and cost-efficient.

Another problem comes when the recruitment site has no monitoring capabilities. The employer has no way of knowing if the work is being done properly or at which speed. This can be frustrating for the employer too.

There was no discussion of terms and conditions nor any contract signing capabilities which were protection and safeguard for both parties. Usually, such websites can have scammers and protection issues.


Mashkraft was hired by the Indonesian client for setting up a professional freelancer’s recruitment website to overcome the outlined challenges.

Using Laravel framework for the backend system and JQuery for the frontend, a website was launched. PostgreSQL was used as a database backup for the client. A rapid prototype was used to test and get feedback from the client before project rollout.

The website hosts two services for the Southeast Asian region, a database for freelancers and a database of clients looking for talent. The Indonesian website has strict guidelines and rules for filtering freelance talents. This ensures that there is no waste of time and energy for the employers.

The client will place a request for a proposal when they need a freelance professional. The freelancers in the database will submit proposals that the client will accept. This way, the process is fast and streamlined and saves resources, energy and time.

The third solution that was given is for monitoring projects. The employer can keep an eye out at what speed and how long tasks will take. There are weekly targets set that the employee needs to meet.

When the employer chooses a freelancer, they get a one-on-one meeting where the terms and conditions are discussed and then an online contract is signed by both parties on the website. The contract is provided to both parties and kept in the database on the website too.


Once the website launched and advertisement for it were carried out a lot of local talent and employers used the website to register themselves. The employers and talent gave a lot of positive feedback which was seen when there were conversions.

Since then, the website has been used outside Indonesia and expanded to Malaysia, Singapore and other surrounding countries in the Southeast Asian region. The website client has produced packages for all four main categories which makes it easier for employers to choose the amount of talent required for larger orders.


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